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哈曼 (Hammam), 在土耳其語意指土耳其浴, 其實這是源自古羅馬人的傳統洗澡習浴. 

今天, 我們不用親身飛去土耳其也可在家中體驗土耳其浴.

Sunia K.TM 創辦人Sonia雖然自小在法國成長, 但她未有忘記其家鄉北非傳統洗澡習浴 – 土耳其浴.  她從北非摩洛哥搜羅最優質的哈曼深層去角質手套 --- 能簡單地徹底去除死皮,用法簡易方便,讓我們無論身處何地都可以隨時令皮膚從頭到腳都保持細嫰幼滑。




This Hammam Kessa Glove will give you pure natural and ultimate skin beauty by gently acting as Dead Skin Remover. This body exfoliator removes dead cells from your skin making it smooth, soft, glowing and clear.

  • Unique Fabric Texture: This Hammam Kessa Glove deep exfoliating body mitt is made with a remarkable light texture fabric, smooth and extremely efficient!
  • Unclog Pores & prevents ingrown:  This Hammam Kessa Glove stimulates blood circulation.  It also prevents clogged pores and reduces ingrown hairs/bumps. It is gentler than scrubs or peels and leave smooth skin.  You will feel so fresh and cleanness that you’ve ever felt!
  • Handy and easy to use: With such a light and highly efficient exfoliating glove, it is your best choice for everyday bath and shower. From now on, you can enjoy body scrub even during travelling or on business trip.

Made in USA


建議每週使用Hammam Kessa深層去角質手套

  1. 在淋浴時或浸浴時,讓毛孔在熱水和蒸汽中打開,並待皮膚軟化。使用深層去角質手套前切勿在身體上使用任何沐浴露或潤膚乳,因為如果皮膚表面太濕滑,手套無法有效抓住死皮!
  2. 將深層去角質手套先沾濕,再擠出多餘的水份。
  3. 清除死皮- 建議以上下來回方式拭擦,直到看到死皮細胞脫落。請勿以打圈方式拭擦,以避免在單一部位過度摩擦。除了臉部及敏感部位外,可於全身使用。
  4. 用肥皂清洗身體,然後用肥皂清洗手套,晾乾以備下次使用。
  5. 最後可塗上我們的NBS潤膚露
Use the Hamman Kessa Glove on a weekly basis (suggested once per week) 
Here you go for the tips:-

  • Step 1 – Relax your skin with water only.  In the shower, regular bath and soak your body for 5 to 10 mins, which softens the skin.  No need to apply any cleansers or moisturizers to the body before use, because it makes the skin surface too slippery for the glove to grab your dead skin!
  • Step 2 – Wet your Sunia K.™ Kessa Glove, squeeze it to take off the excess water from it.
  • Step 3 – Expel layers of dead skin. It is best to rub up and down until you see dead skin cells roll away.  Do not rub it in a circular motion as this will avoid too much irritation in a single area.  Repeat for each part of your body except your face or any other sensitive part of your body.
  • Step 4 – Wash your body with your regular soap/body wash and wash your Kessa Glove with soap and leave it to dry for next use.
  • Step 5 – Apply our Natural Beauty Skincare® body lotions.



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