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Organic Sacred Frankincense Tightening Mask・NBS頂級珍貴乳香緊緻全能面膜

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以中東阿曼頂級珍貴神聖乳香樹脂(Sacred frankincense resin)精心製成。NBS創辦人Suzanne Laurin每年親自飛往當地嚴選從阿拉伯乳香樹(Boswellia Sacra)上萃取而得的100%純天然神聖乳香樹脂,以攝氏100度高溫經過12小時蒸溜提煉而成。


自古以來, Boswellia Sacra神聖乳香一直是世界公認最珍貴和稀有的乳香品種。Suzanne於30多年前已經開始其有機護膚業務並一直致力與當地政府支持農民教育工作,以使我們有幸可以享用到原本只有阿曼的皇室貴族才可擁有的頂級神聖乳香樹脂。

另外,頂級神聖乳香樹脂比一般乳香樹脂含多達一倍的α-pinene (Note 1),其抗氧化、控油及修復效能更強大! 使用一次即看到有顯著改善,皮膚從始緊緻亮麗!

Note 1 – Woolley et al (2012)






  • 收細毛孔
  • 提升輪廓、緊緻
  • 祛紅、鎮靜及修復皮膚細胞
  • 均勻膚色、減淡色斑及疤痕
  • 預防皺紋、減慢皮膚老化
  • 控油消炎


一般使用方法: 洗淨並印乾皮膚,取約五元硬幣大小份量使用,適度塗抹於整個臉部和頸部。等待10-15分鐘直至面膜完全變乾,然後用水沖洗。建議每3至5天使用一次。完成後,請配合Earthy Kiss為大家精心挑選的爽膚水、護膚精華及NBS面霜一併使用以達致最佳效果。

如當睡眠面膜使用: 潔面後,請先使用爽膚水,然後以NBS護膚精華打底 (如要加強保濕效果,可以用2-3滴Sunia K. Sabrah™ 取替NBS護膚精華)。 最後,取約五元硬幣大小份量使用,適度塗抹於整個臉部和頸部。

Limited Production

All skin types can benefit from this terrific skin tightening mask.

If you are experiencing enlarged pores, loss of firmness and elasticity, you will notice a difference after only one application. It decreases the appearance of inflammation and redness, and truly tightens and improves the look of skin dramatically, revealing a fresher and brighter complexion! 

Serums are delivery systems for ingredients.  This mask is made entirely from Boswellia Sacra Serum Resin!  Which means you are getting all the incredible benefits of Organic Sacred Frankincense.   What makes this product so incredible is the high level of Organic Sacred Frankincense.

***As it acts as an emenagogue (induce menstruation), this product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Made in Canada


  • Wash and pat skin dry. Apply a small amount to entire face, neck and decollete. Allow to dry 10-15 minutes, rinse off with soft cloth and lukewarm water. Can be used daily. Follow with toners and Aroma-Face-Therapy moisturizer according to your skin type. For an Over-night mask, apply on top of the Aroma-Face-Complex (we recommend the Complex for dry skin as it is enriched with Rose Otto).


INCI Ingredients

Boswellia Sacra Resin

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