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Moss Skincare Halo Photoprotective Soothing Essence Powder 有色防曬粉 (SPF 30 protection)

  • 主要成份non-nano, non-coated zinc oxide
  • Non-nano, non-coated zinc oxide 不單可舒緩皮膚發炎, 而且可減慢肌膚老化. 另外, zinc oxide 比titandium dioxide更加好係因為佢係 broader spectrum, 即係話可以吸收UVA 和 UVB. 此外, zinc oxide 係less photoreactive, 即係話唔會產生咁多游離基會搞到你衰老.
  • 係坊間要搵到一個防曬用低於1% mica 及 titanium dioxide而做係好難. 所以亦都解釋點解以前我哋用咁多防曬會搞到我哋堵塞毛孔或者敏感.


Halo is a powder you mix with your favorite facial oil to customize a sunblock with the ingredients, feel & SPF you desire, escaping all of the heaviness and greasiness of traditional sunscreen formulas. Simply mix a bit of the powder with your favorite facial oil. It easily mixes in and offers a range of coverage options depending on how much of the powder you use, while creating an incredibly pure and skin-friendly sunblock.

Acne safe & customizable.

Sunblock becomes something you can finesse to your unique skin needs – no more heavy, greasy, acneic sunscreens.

Non-nano, non-coated, non-irradiated Zinc Oxide provides soothing and blemish minimizing benefits in addition to UV reflective properties.

Concentrated Aloe Extract heightens photoprotection & quells heat.
Watermelon Skin Extract has been shown to help prevent UV induced damage to cell DNA.

Silica (which is naturally found in bamboo and horsetail botanicals, and is NOT synthetic and is NOT a form of silicone) helps to nourish and strengthen skin.

Halo is specially blended without unevenly shaped or sized particles to maximize even pigment dispersion in most lipidic (oily) media.

Made in USA


INCI Ingredients

  • Zinc Oxide (Non-nano, non-coated, non-irradiated)
  • Silica (Non-nano)
  • Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
  • Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon) Extract*
  • (May Contain: +/- Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Mica) 


  • 由於 zinc oxide 係 oil soluble, 所以我哋一定要加油. 我地試過好多油; 其中用Sunia K. Sabrah™嘅效果係最好. 一般會用2至3滴 for 1 scoop 嘅 Halo powder.
  • Sunia K. Sabrah™和Halo有色防曬粉 融合一起然後用手指上面.
  • Use 1 level scoop (included) for every 1.5-2 pump (4-6 drops) of oil based serum for ~SPF 30 (approx.). (Using non-oily mediums for dispersion is not recommended due to the chemical properties of Zinc Oxide.) Mix thoroughly in your palm. Pat it over skin. Apply over facial oil/moisturizer but under makeup. Adjust quantities of Fluid and Powder as desired. •
  • This is not a sunscreen until mixed with proper medium

Benchmark for color tone:

  • Light: 
    Suitable for Gressa foundation users with Color 1 to 2.5.
  • Medium:
    Suitable for Gressa foundation users with Color 2.5 to 3.5.
  • Dark:
    Suitable for Gressa foundation users with Color 3.5 to 4.



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