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CBD The Miracle Booster · 神奇精華露

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結合來自美國科羅拉多州Colorado的有機永續種植農, 英國獲奬無數的CBD生產商及英國政府使用的頂級化驗所, 經過8個月Earthy Kiss 創辦人Miss Ho的專業監督下製成的500mg CBD The Miracle Booster 神奇精華露.
不含重金屬及農藥 · 100%天然 

  • 對抗自由基free radicals ,以減少各類炎症性皮膚病和常見老化問題(如皺紋、色斑)
  • 對抗炎症、止痕及痛楚
  • 調節及平衡油脂分泌
  • 抑制暗瘡生長

With the joint efforts from organic sustainable farms in Colorado, USA, a multi-award winning CBD manufacturer with GMP and ISO standards clean room facilities and the UKAS accredited laboratory, and under the professional supervision of the founder of Earthy Kiss, CBD the Miracle Booster is born! 
No heavy metals · No pesticides · THC free · 100% natural   
Suitable for all skin types
Made in the United Kingdom
Limited production
Key benefits:

  • Fight free radicals to soothe various skin inflammation and reduce signs of aging (such as wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentations)
  • Relieve pain, itchiness and inflammation
  • Regulate and balance sebum secretion
  • Inhibits acne growth

The rituals 使用方法 
潔面後, 於微濕的皮膚上使用1至3滴精華露,並輕輕按摩面部,然後再加上其他精華使用;然後, 塗上面霜. 早晚使用。
The rituals: Massage 1-3 potent pumps into damp skin and then layer with your serum. Use morning and night immediately after cleansing. Follow with moisturiser.

Ingredients 成份 
MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) derived from Coconut Oil
CBD (Cannabidiol) Broad Spectrum Extract

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