Earthy Kiss collection 2/3 - Sharing for normal to oily skin ︳給正常和油性肌膚的你




Hi gals! I am now in London and this is my sharing for normal to oily/congested skin.

Probably, it is pretty common for girls who always complain they have "bumps" (aka "hum-lup") on their face or even chest! Some of my besties (like Lady M), she has been trying many prestigious products and she is hesitated to use facial oils as she always believes oil triggers bumps! Here we solve the myths!!!

Myth - Oil triggers bumps?
Yes or No! It depends on 4 factors -
1) whether you perform a deep clarifying skin routine weekly?
2) is your cleansing products effective in removing make-up products and the impurities on your skin? An effective product doesn't mean it has to stripe your skin!
3) the quality of your facial oil!!!
4) would the facial cream block your pores? does it contain bad preservatives?

❣️You need to bullet up these products to stay away from bumps! Here is our recommended solution:-
1️⃣ Deep clarifying mask - Lavender: use once to twice per week 
2️⃣ Cleansing milk - Lavender: mild yet effective to remove makeup and impurities! 
3️⃣ Facial serum - Lavender 
4️⃣ Facial cream - Lavender
5️⃣ Cocktail of Sunia K.™ rose water & Oshadhi geranium: as hydrosols for hydrating and unclogging skin 
6️⃣ Sunia K.™ prickly pear seed facial oil: for women aged above 30 or being a mom - tightens, brightens and rejuvenates your skin (anti-ageing) 

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